Areas Funded in Whole or Part By Ascension      St. Vincent's Foundation

  • Mobile Health Outreach Ministry

    This award winning program has evolved into one of the most successful community-wide efforts designed to address a critical need. It is the only mobile provider of free acute and preventive medical care for men, women and children in the Northeast Florida region and improves the health of underserved residents in our community. Because of Mobile Health, thousands of people who would otherwise have no access to healthcare are beneficiaries of expert, compassionate medical care, disease management, and preventive health education. Vulnerable patients are targeted through these ministries:

    • The Rural Outreach Ministry serves the very poor men, women and families who work in the agricultural fields of Putnam and St. Johns Counties.
    • The Urban Outreach Ministry reaches out to the working poor, the homeless, and their families, within Duval, Clay and Nassau Counties.
    • The Pediatric Outreach Ministry provides children and adolescents attending 23 of Duval County’s United Way Full Service Schools with access to medical care.
    • The Senior Outreach Ministry partners with three senior HUD housing apartments to provide medical care and wellness education.
  • Reach Out and Read

    Reach Out and Read is an evidence-based program that builds on the unique relationship between parents and medical providers to develop critical early reading skills in children. The program incorporates early literacy into primary care and pediatric practices, equipping parents with tools and knowledge to ensure that their children are prepared to learn when they start school. In 2003, two residents of Ascension St. Vincent’s Family Medicine and Residency Center recognized the value of early literacy and wanted to make an impact on the children that are patients of Ascension St. Vincent’s Family Medicine Center and their parents. They adopted Reach Out and Read and it has been touching lives ever since. The physicians, residents, faculty, and staff of Ascension St. Vincent’s Family Medicine Center have encouraged passionate engagement with books by:

    • Distributing over 15,000 age & language appropriate books to disadvantaged children and their parents.
    • Transforming the waiting area into a literacy-rich environment where volunteers read to children and new or gently used books can be taken home. For some, this is the only book they own.
    • Holding “Read and Romp,” a successful annual community literacy event that attracts hundreds of children and their families from neighborhoods near and far.
  • School Nurse Program

    Our School Nurse Program places nurses in local disadvantaged schools. These nurses may be the only access to healthcare students have.

  • Seton Center for Women and Infants Health

    The Seton Center serves new mothers and their families in our community throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and the baby’s first year. Some of the services offered by the Seton Center are prenatal and childbirth education classes, lactation consults, books, pamphlets and videotapes, telephone consultations with experienced registered nurses, free postpartum assessments and infant health screening, breast pump rentals, and instruction on newborn care and breastfeeding.

  • Good Samaritan Fund

    Ascension St. Vincent’s Foundation’s Good Samaritan Fund helps patients who qualify for emergency assistance. We are able to continue to provide compassionate care after discharge through a variety of services, such as:

    • Medications for patients who could not be safely discharged without assistance
    • Transportation home for patients who have no vehicle of their own or reliable help
    • Medical equipment and supplies for patients who are uninsured or unable to purchase the most basic necessities for their continued healing
    • Payment for temporary shelter of homeless patients who need a place to recuperate following their care
  • Mobile Mammography

    Since 2002 Ascension St. Vincent’s has broken down the many barriers that disadvantaged women face who are at risk for breast cancer, by providing free digital mammograms to the community. The big pink RV was the first in the region and now travels thousands of miles each year to bring life-saving screening mammograms to more than 2,000 women. Every mammogram is performed and interpreted by radiologists using the same state-of-the-art technology found at our hospitals.

  • St. Catherine Labouré Place

    St. Catherine Labouré Place cares for those in need of short-term, long-term or hospice care. Caregivers are prepared to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of every resident. As one of the largest long-term nursing facilities in Jacksonville, services include a 60-bed Special Care Unit for Alzheimer’s and Dementia residents.

  • Ascension St. Vincent's 

    With more than a century’s presence in the region, Ascension St. Vincent’s three hospitals are strategically placed throughout the area to best serve our patients closest to home. Ascension St. Vincent’s Riverside, founded in 1916, is a 528-bed facility. Ascension St. Vincent’s Southside, founded in 1873, is a 311-bed facility. Ascension St. Vincent’s Clay County, founded in 2013, is a 106-bed facility. Each hospital holds many special honors and accreditations for its stellar quality of care.

  • Kids Together Against Cancer (KTAC)

    Kids Together Against Cancer (KTAC) is a free support program that helps the children of parents that are facing a cancer diagnosis. Through therapeutic discussions led by social workers and art education led by local artists, children focus on identifying coping skills to assist with their feelings of fear and anxiety.

  • Cancer Services

    Ascension St. Vincent’s mission to defeat cancer is stronger with its newly announced partnership with the Mayo Clinic. This partnership rounds out all pillars of comprehensive oncological care, providing the best physicians in the best facility to provide compassionate care to your loved ones in these areas:

    • Surgical Oncology: Ascension St. Vincent’s top surgeons treat tumors through biopsies and removals.
    • Radiation Oncology: Ascension St. Vincent’s top oncologists use carefully targeted and regulated doses of radiation to kill cancer cells.
    • Medical Oncology: The Mayo Clinic’s world-class physicians excel in research and diagnosis to provide customized chemotherapy.
    • And More: In an effort to treat not only the cancer patient’s body, but also their soul and that of their family, Ascension St. Vincent’s provides Cancer Patient Advocates who help navigate the diagnosis and treatment process.

    All of these pillars of oncology work together to help Ascension St. Vincent’s most vulnerable patients receive the most comprehensive, quality and compassionate care possible, giving them the best chance at life.

  • Momentum

    Since 2015, St. Vincent’s has offered this after school program in Clay County which addresses adolescent obesity through clinical, nutritional, behavioral, and exercise components. The program began at Wilkinson and Orange Park Junior High, helping change the lives of 128 adolescents in FY16. Momentum even won One Spark’s juried award in the Health & Sciences category in 2015. The program was so successful in its first year, that the schools have incorporated Momentum’s nutrition component into their physical education curriculum, expanding the program’s reach to 1,600 adolescents for FY17!

  • Faith Community Nursing

    Faith Community Nursing serves as a bridge between Ascension St. Vincent’s, community resources and local church congregations to promote health and well-being in the community. The program is available to all faith traditions. Faith Community Nurses coordinate health screenings and education programs, and offer peer support and consultations to volunteer nurses within each church to help parishioners with their health needs.

  • Brighter Beginnings

    Formed in 2009, Ascension St. Vincent’s Brighter Beginnings is an original program designed to help combat infant mortality in the Northeast Florida community. This free program meets once per month to educate expectant mothers, women with infants under age one, and their supportive partners on the importance and techniques of prenatal and infant care. It sets mothers on the right track to have a healthy, full-term pregnancy, deliver newborns with a healthy birth weight, encourage breastfeeding, and provide them with the skills, information, and tools to raise a healthy, happy child.

  • Medical Mission at Home

    Medical Mission at Home is a daylong annual event in which hundreds of volunteer clinicians, social service providers and others provide free medical care and social services to hundreds of community residents in need. This event uses the “medical mission” concept that typically provides healthcare to the poor in foreign countries, but instead addresses healthcare disparities here in our own community. Not only is basic healthcare provided at the event, St. Vincent’s works with organizations in our community to establish medical homes that will assist in providing a continuum of care for each person far beyond the confines of this event. Ascension has made a commitment to expand Medical Mission at Home nationally - a proactive demonstration of our Mission in Action and our commitment to Healthcare That Leaves No One Behind.

  • Transitional Care Clinic

    The Ascension St. Vincent’s Transitional Care Clinic (TCC) is the first of its kind in our region and it aims to connect vulnerable patients with a Primary Care Physician (PCP). Too often, Ascension St. Vincent’s patients are discharged from the hospital without a PCP which is the largest barrier to receiving follow-up care. The TCC works to identify patients eligible for the TCC program and eliminate their barriers to receiving primary care. The TCC is a middle man, working to connect the patient to a PCP within 90 days of discharge through a myriad of strategies. Throughout those 90 days (or less) the TCC staff helps identify barriers to care such as lack of insurance, finances, and transportation. The TCC connects the patient to existing community resources. Ascension St. Vincent’s is proud to make this investment in our community and looks forward to making an invaluable difference in the lives of those patients we serve.