Annual Fund

Each year, the Ascension St. Vincent’s Foundation receives gifts from generous individuals, corporations, and foundations.  Many of these gifts are given to fund specific outreach programs, life-saving technology, or innovative construction of new sites of care.  For the special friend of the Ascension St. Vincent’s Foundation that simply would like to donate to the Mission, their generous gift is added to the Annual Fund.  Donating to the Annual Fund is a unique way to ensure your dollars are used where they are needed most.  Each year, a committee meets to assess which projects are most in need of philanthropic support, as these needs change year-to-year.  For example, some programs recently supported by the Annual Fund include:

  • Arts in Medicine – distributes coloring books, word search books, crossword puzzle books, and more to comfort patients
  • Associate Education – pays for top performing individuals to attend advanced education conferences, symposiums and seminars
  • Body & Soul – brings music to patients to lift their spirits and bring them joy
  • Dispensary of Hope – provides free essential medications to struggling patients who could not otherwise afford them
  • Kids Together Against Cancer – offers free support for children whose caregiver has been diagnosed with cancer
  • Seton Center – provides education, nursing care, and support services to expectant families in our community
  • And much more